2020 was a year like no other...

Have you fallen out of your normal health and exercise routines?

The way our days unfold has shifted dramatically, but our personal routines have not kept up with these changes.

Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed?

It can feel like the world is changing in ways that don't support our balance and well-being.

Are you struggling to focus on one thing at a time?

Toxic stress and technology take their toll on our ability to focus. Yet, keeping our minds still and present is key to well-being.

Do you want to start your day feeling revitalized rather than weary?

Starting each day with uncertainty wears us down and drains us.

A morning routine that combines
3 key elements can create certainty...

...even when the day ahead might be full of uncertainties.

It allows you to know what to expect when you rise from bed. It gives you the structure you need to start your day feeling confident rather than anxious. And it allows you to return to your intentions as you progress through the hurdles of the day.

The Rise & Restore morning routine is designed to help you:

  • Follow a 3-step morning routine that responds to your new realities.
  • Revive your body, mind and spirit, while preparing for the year ahead.
  • Introduce strength, serenity and simplicity into your daily practices - providing health, joy and balance into the everyday.

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Here is what you will get...

  • Rise & Restore Morning Routine
    Video & How-To Guide

    Learn about the morning routine as Erica Whalen walks you through the 3 simple components that can help you start your day.

  • Simple Morning Yoga:
    A Week of 10-Minute Yoga Practices

    Join Sarah Girard each day of the week for a set of 7 short and sweet practices that will start you moving each morning, sometimes before you even get out of bed.

  • Simple Morning Meditation:
    5- & 10-Minute Video & Audio Guides

    Meditation is a scientifically proven way to reset your brain for greater clarity and intention. Find your focus with David Ito's video and audio meditation guides with seated, walking, and grounding variations.

  • Daily Rise & Restore
    Journaling Template

    Develop your intentions and gain clarity of purpose through a daily journaling practice. Use Erica Whalen's template to easily guide your journaling practice.

  • Accountability Tracker
    & Reward Chart

    21 days to a new habit! Design your own reward and keep track of your progress, holding yourself accountable to your intentions.

Meet the Teachers

Erica Whalen

Erica is in love with the practice of yoga. She profoundly believes in its healing effects for the individual body and spirit, as well as the collective whole. She delights in teaching beautiful and expressive asana classes in the hatha vinyasa style.

When Erica found mang’Oh, she was running around New York City teaching at various studios, gyms, and living rooms. As creative director and co-owner of the studio, she is inspired by and grateful for all of the students and teachers that call mang’Oh their yoga home.

Erica has a BFA in Ballet and Modern Dance from Texas Christian University, and she received her yoga certification through Laughing Lotus Yoga School.

Sarah Girard

Sarah Girard was born and raised in Venice Beach, California and recently moved to New York City. Having an exposure to a wide variety of yoga teachers at an early age, she welcomed education from many different disciplines. As a cancer survivor, artist and food lover she has incorporated resiliency, courage and humor into her life.

During the past decade, Sarah has trained hundreds of hours with Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Maty Ezraty, Dharma Mittra and Leslie Kaminoff. Her non-profit work brings her to both Cancer Wellness Centers and low-income high schools throughout Manhattan. She believes that we are all students and to be a teacher one must always be learning. Sarah encourages the connection of mind and body in her classes and celebrates the challenges we greet in our daily lives.

Here's what our students are saying...

...has all-around been fantastic for my mental health...

Michelle C., mang'Oh student

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these virtual classes happen. Seeing and hearing the teachers every day through the classes has kept me grounded, centered and has all-around been fantastic for my mental health.

...these classes were my biggest support system...

Kim C., mang'Oh student

I love practicing at mang'Oh for so many reasons. During this pandemic, when I needed guidance and perspective, these classes were my biggest support system.

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